4 Attributes of a Good Place to Install a Safe

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It is important for you to select the most appropriate location for your safe if you intend to purchase one. This article discusses some of the questions that you should have in mind when selecting an installation site for your second hand safe.

Are You Comfortable Visiting That Location?

A safe will only be helpful if you use it to store your valuables. It is therefore vital for you to select an installation location that doesn't have anything that can prevent you from using the safe as it was intended to be used. For example, you may not use your safe frequently in case you decide to install it inside an attic which is hard to access. This is because the thought of wriggling through the tiny opening may discourage you from going to that hard-to-reach space.

Is Lighting Sufficient?

You should also consider matters of visibility when you select an installation site for your safe. Make sure that the place has ample light for you to use the safe without any unnecessary inconveniences. For instance, the lighting should be enough for you to see all the marks on the combination dial of that safe. This requirement can rule out some poorly lit places, such as the corners of a closet.

Will The Safe Be Properly Supported?

A good installation site is one that brings out the best properties of the safe. For example, safes are intended to be burglar-proof. It would be self-defeating to install the safe in materials that can be damaged by someone who wants to carry the safe away. Concrete is a good material in which to anchor your safe because it will be harder for someone to demolish that base in order to extract and carry the safe away. Pick a location that will provide sufficient support for the safe.

Is the Location Obvious?

Select an installation site that will not be easy to guess. For example, intruders may search the master bedroom first as they look for a jewelry safe. Make it harder for them to find your safe by placing it in a less obvious location, such as behind a painting in the children's room. Avoid placing your safe where anyone can see it, such as in the living room.

It is advisable to decide where you will place the safe before you go shopping for that safe. This knowledge of the installation site will help you to select an appropriate safe for that location. You will also avoid selecting the installation site in a hurry once the safe is delivered to your address.

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