3 Critical Details To Reveal When Selling a House

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Are you planning to sell your property? If you are planning to sell a house, various procedures should be followed to complete the transaction. You should be careful to meet all these conditions or the sales contract can be easily invalidated. Below are some details that you should reveal to a potential buyer when you are selling a house.

The designated use of the house

Each building has its designated use and these details should be forwarded to any potential client. An example is when the property is meant for residential use. In this case, it would be against the law to start using the same house as a motel. This is because there are zoning requirements which regulate the use and location of properties. As such, the potential buyer of the house should be willing to accept the house and agree to the designated use of the property. However, some buyers usually purchase housing units and bring them down to develop new building apartments. In this case, the best approach would be to inform the buyer if there are additional requirements to change the house from a single user to mixed user facility.

The utilities contracts relating to the house

When you are selling the house, you also need to hand over all the utilities contracts relating to the house. This is important because the new buyer will need these services, but they might currently be listed in your name. This can cause problems when the new owner wants to pay for these expenses but you are the one receiving the bill. To prevent this problem, you should provide the new owner will all contracts relating to utilities and then request them to make the necessary changes. As such, when there are any issues relating to any utility, you will not be held accountable once the sales transaction has been completed.

Any issues relating to the property

Is there a boundary dispute with the property? Does the owner of the house have to pay a service charge to cater for estate maintenance? What types of animals can you keep in the house? There are many issues that can arise relating to the house that you want to sell. Make sure that all these details are provided to the potential buyer so that they can make an informed decision regarding the purchase. It would be unfortunate to hide such details and inconvenience the buyer.

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