Tips For Putting Camping Equipment Into Storage Over Winter

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The lazy, hazy days of summer have gone and the colder days of autumn are starting to creep in. Once the Easter holidays are over, many families will pack up and store their camping equipment until spring returns. As someone who has little storage space in your home, you have already decided to rent a self-storage unit for your camping gear. But, unless you know how to pack your gear up correctly, you could find it damaged when you next go to use it. Use these pointers to ensure your camping gear is ready for the storage shed.

Tent cleanliness prevents mould

Before you toss the tent into the storage shed, it is imperative that it is clean and dry. A tent which is folded up with moisture trapped inside it is a tent which will be mouldy the next time you go to use it.

The most effective way of making sure it is clean is to put up the tent in your back garden one last time before it goes to storage. Choose a weekend where the weather forecast is for lots of sunshine, and open up all the windows in the tent to allow air to move through. Get out your vacuum cleaner and give the floor a vacuum to get rid of dirt and fungus spores. At the end of the weekend, pull the tent down, fold it up and it is now ready for storage.

Cooking equipment

Make sure you scrub your cooking equipment free of food scraps and grease if you don't want rodent visitors in your storage shed looking for food. Hot soapy water is the best method for scrubbing your camp oven clean. Be sure you wipe it completely dry after washing as water left sitting on the oven can cause metal erosion which is rust.

Check with the self-storage operator whether they allow storage of camp oven fuel at their facility. As a general rule they do not, and BBQ gas bottles should also never be stored indoors in case of fire. You will need to keep your camp oven fuel with you at home, so find a spot to store it outside the house. A detached shed in the back garden is an ideal spot if you have one.

Finally, use large plastic containers with snap on lids to store cooking utensils, plates and cutlery. Not only are these easy to stack within a storage shed, but they are also strong enough to keep pests and insects away from your camping equipment.

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