Tips for Ensuring Your Elderly Loved One Transitions Easily in a Retirement Villa

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According to experts, placing an elderly relative in a retirement villa can cause them a lot of stress. Therefore, do not be surprised when you find that your decision to put a family member in a retirement villa is taxing, both emotionally and psychologically. However, while it is tricky to eliminate the stress, there are transition strategies that you can apply to ease the situation. Most importantly, making your relative feel as comfortable as possible should be the number one objective of the transition strategies you have chosen. This article highlights some of the change tactics you can quickly implement as you move an elderly into a retirement villa:

Involve Everyone -- As mentioned earlier, moving old loved ones to retirement homes is stressing to them. Therefore, they need to be shown as much love as possible especially on the moving day. Enlisting your entire family might prove an arduous task, but you should try to ensure that almost everybody is available. Surrounding the elderly with loved ones is one sure way of easing the emotional and psychological stress brought about by moving to a new environment. Early arrangements will help you to know the relatives who will be available on a moving day. However, you should, do more by encouraging working family members to take a day or two of leave in order to guarantee availability.

Recreate their Former Home -- Before you settle on a retirement villa for your loved one, they must have been living somewhere. As such, they can still remember how their former home smelled or looked. Therefore, if you want the transition to be less stressful to them, you should at least try to make the retirement villa as similar as possible to their former home. Borrow the furniture arrangement, the fabrics, photos, favorite magazines, lighting among other elements. Your objective is to recreate the old home in the new villa as accurately as possible.

Make Personal Inspection -- While a simple transition is important to your loved one who is moving into a retirement home, inspecting the facility personally will give both parties the peace of mind they need. Therefore, make sure that you check the common rooms, air conditioning units in the villa, toilets for any foul odors, and safety hazards. If everything looks and feels in place, then your elderly loved one would most likely transition smoothly into their new retirement home. 

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