Why You Need to Know Whether Your Home Contains Asbestos Before You Put It on the Market

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Do you have an older home and are getting ready to put it on the market? If you've owned this house for a long period of time, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to make it sellable and to get the best price for it when you do so. While you may have considered most of the usual points, like redecorating the interior, bringing the garden up to scratch and so on, you may have missed one, fundamental consideration. Do you know whether or not your home contains asbestos, and if you suspect that it may, where is it likely to be?

The Harsh Reality

While asbestos was banned from use in homes in the 1980s due to it being found to be detrimental to human health, it was a very popular building material before that time. Unless an inspection has previously been made in your residence, it's likely that asbestos can be found in the home that you've just put on the market. It's best if you can determine whether or not you have any and where it is so that your real estate agent can take this into consideration.

Being the Detective

Asbestos can be found in some very unusual places. In addition to the obvious locations, such as popcorn ceiling treatment, you may need to look more closely in some strange places.

Unusual Locations

If your home contains any acoustic panelling, installed as a sound barrier between certain rooms, there is a chance that asbestos was used in its manufacture. One of the characteristics of this material is its efficiency in lowering reverberation and echoes in a room.

Have a look at the flooring beneath your feet in the kitchen and bathroom. Is it vinyl? These tiles were known for their durability and were very popular, as a consequence. However, asbestos was used for its insulating properties and added to this particular material.

Where is your electric meter? If it is still attached to the original board onto which it was first mounted, be wary. Asbestos has exceptional fire-retardant properties and was perfect for insulating the electrical connections attached to this board.

Finally, have a look around your doors and windows at the caulk sealant. Sealant prevents the loss of heat, but older sealant may well include asbestos.

Getting Expert Help

You should get a qualified asbestos expert to come in and have a look at your property. They may be able to find some even stranger places, but all should be documented. Whether you take care of it now or wait until the house is sold, steps will invariably have to be taken to ensure that this asbestos does not present any threat.

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